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Aroma King Tornado 7000 Puffs Disposable Vape

Aroma King Tornado 7000 Puffs Disposable Vape

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Giving vapers truly fulfilling vaping experiences with it's exquisite range of flavours, the Aroma King Tornado Vape 7000 puffs boasts a consistent taste system and constant power output with any flavour you pick.

Aroma King tornado 70000 Puffs Vape

Thanks to it's in-built mesh coil technology, such great tasting flavours as soon as you inhale them are all but guaranteed.

Featuring an internal 850mAh battery and with 14ml of pre-filled nicotine free salt e-liquid, the Aroma King Tornado vape will last up to approximately 7000 puffs longer than the average disposable device.

Aroma King 7000 Puffs Vape Specifications:

Nicotine  0mg
Capacity: 14.0ml
Puffs 7000 Puffs
Battery 850mAh
Draw Activated Yes
Mesh Coil Technology Yes
Leakproof Yes
TPD Compliant Yes
LED Light Yes
Non-Refillable Yes


At the bottom of the device, a LED light will glow each time you take a puff. When the Aroma King Tornado 7000 puffs vape is depleted, this LED light will flash signaling you to simply and safely dispose of the device after use.

Aroma King Tornado 7000 Vape

Aroma King 7000 Puffs Vape Features:

  • Made In Poland
  • 0mg Nicotine Salt (0%) E-Liquid
  • Capacity: 14.0ml
  • Puffs: Up To 7000 puffs
  • Battery: 850mAh (Built-In)
  • Draw Activated
  • Mesh Coil Technology
  • LED Light
  • Compact & Light
  • Convenient & Stylish Design
  • Non-Refillable/Non-Rechargeable
  • TPD Compliant

Aroma King 7000 Puffs Vape Box Contains:

  • 1 x Aroma King Tornado Disposable Vape Device 7000 Puffs

aroma king 7000 puffs vape box of 10 vape

Aroma King Tornado 7000 Flavours:

  • Lush Ice
  • Blueberry On Ice
  • Cotton Candy
  • Grape Ice
  • Gummy Bear
  • Banana Ice
  • Mixed Berries
  • Peach Ice
  • Pina Colada Rum
  • Pineapple Ice
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Cool Mint
  • Blueberry Bubblegum
  • Blue Sour Raspberry
  • Mr Blue
  • Apple Peach Pear
  • Blueberry Pomegranate
  • Strawberry Donut
  • Blue Razz Cherry
  • Red Apple Lemon
  • Strawberry Peach Lime
  • Vimto
  • Orange Citrus Guava
  • Blackcurrant Honeydew
  • Mango Passionfruit
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  • Blue Razz Slush
  • White Peach Razz
  • Blue Razz Lemonade
  • Skittles
  • Mango on Ice
  • Blueberry Raspberry
  • Cola Ice

How to Use Aroma King 7000 Puffs Vape?

How to Use Aroma King 7000 Puffs Vape?

The Aroma King 7000 Puffs Vape is a convenient and user-friendly disposable vaping device that offers an extended and flavorful vaping experience.

To make the most of this innovative product, follow these simple steps for a seamless and enjoyable vaping session.

Step 1: Pull Out the Silicone Plug!

The first step in activating your Aroma King 7000 Puffs Vape is to locate the silicone plug. This plug serves as a protective seal to keep the device fresh and ready for use. To begin, gently pull out the silicone plug from the designated area on the device.

This step ensures that the device is unsealed and ready for the next phase of preparation.

Step 2: Tear Off the Sticker!

Once the silicone plug is removed, the next crucial step is to tear off the sticker located on the mouthpiece end of the Aroma King 7000 Puffs Vape.

This sticker acts as an additional safeguard to maintain the freshness of the device during storage and transportation. By removing the sticker, you expose the mouthpiece, allowing for an unobstructed flow of vapor.

Step 3: Let It Stand for 3 Minutes!

After tearing off the sticker, it's essential to exercise a bit of patience. Allow the Aroma King 7000 Puffs Vape to stand upright for approximately 3 minutes.

This brief waiting period allows the internal components, including the e-liquid and coil, to settle and prime for optimal performance. Patience in this step contributes to a smoother and more flavorful vaping experience.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Aroma King 7000 Puffs Vape

Once the waiting period is over, your Aroma King 7000 Puffs Vape is ready for use. Take a comfortable draw from the mouthpiece, and you'll experience a rich and satisfying vapor with every puff.

The device is designed for convenience, making it an excellent choice for vapers who appreciate simplicity without compromising on flavour.

aroma king 7000 box of 10 vape

FAQ's about Aroma King Tornado 7000 Puffs Vape

1. Are Aroma King 7000 Vapes Illegal?

Under the TRPR, e-liquid cartridges cannot be larger than 2ml in size. It means Aroma King 7000 Vapes are fully legal in the UK.

2. How Long Should a 7000 Puff Vape Last?

Aroma King Tornado 7000 puff vape is expected to endure for approximately 17 to 23 days, equating to a usage span of roughly 2 to 3 weeks for the average vaper.

3. Which Flavour is Best in Tornado 7000 Puff?

All the Tornado 7000 Flavours are great but Lush Ice, Gummy Bear, Blueberry, etc. are the best flavours in Aroma King Tornado 7000 Puff.

4. Are 7000 Puff Vapes Safe?

Aroma King Tornado 7000 puffs are totally safe for vaping because it doesn't contain high quantity of nicotine and cigarette's tar.

5. Why Does 7000 Puff Vape Taste Burnt?

The most common cause of getting a burnt taste is that the vape is out of battery or e-liquids.

6. Where to Buy Aroma King Tornado 7000 Puffs Vapes in the UK?

For those on the lookout to purchase the Aroma King Tornado 7000 Puffs Vape in the UK, Vape My Life emerges as a leading online vape store.

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