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20 Swan Crushball Cool Burst Extra Slim Filter Tips

20 Swan Crushball Cool Burst Extra Slim Filter Tips

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Introducing Swan Crushball Cool Burst Extra Slim Filter Tips (54 Per Pack) - An Icy Twist to Your Smoke Experience

Experience a refreshing twist with Swan Crushball Cool Burst Extra Slim Filter Tips, designed to elevate your smoking experience with a burst of cool menthol flavour. Each pack includes 54 filter tips, each measuring 5mm in diameter, offering a satisfying and flavorful touch to your tobacco.

Swan Crushball Key Features:

  1. Cool Burst Flavoured Capsule Filters: Infused with the innovative Cool Burst flavored capsule, these filter tips provide a unique menthol experience. Activate the crush capsule at any time to release a cooling sensation, transforming your smoking session into a refreshing journey.

  2. Perfect for New Innovations: With the evolution of factory-made cigarettes post-menthol ban, Swan Crushball filters seamlessly complement the new L&B Blue Bright Air Filter cigarettes. A simple twist allows the Crushball to fit, providing an enhanced smoking experience. Ideal for roll-your-own cigarettes, these filter tips offer versatility for all tobacco enthusiasts.

  3. Convenient Packaging: Each pack of Swan Crushball Cool Burst filter tips contains 54 units, conveniently packaged in 9 cellophane sticks. Perfect for on-the-go, you can grab a couple of sticks for a night out without carrying the entire box.

  4. High-Quality Fibers: Crafted from premium fibers, these filter tips ensure that your tobacco's full flavor is preserved, delivering a satisfying smoke every time.

Swan Crushball Specifications:

  • Length: 14mm
  • Pack: Pack of 20
  • Diameter: 5mm
  • 54 Filters Per Pack
  • Menthol Flavour
  • Contains No Animal Products

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